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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2017Something big is happening in St. Joseph on August 21. What is this big event? It is the Great American Solar Eclipse, and St. Joseph is directly in the path of totality. On August 21, our community will be fortunate enough to be right in the middle of a total solar eclipse. We want our residents and business owners to be prepared for the day and the potential of many visitors in St. Joseph during the event. 

Although there is no way to absolutely predict how many people will come to St. Joseph to watch the eclipse, we have to be prepared to deal with any number, from a few thousand to well... lots more people! We do want to reassure the community that all of the relevant agencies are working together in the planning for and preparation of the event. Our primary goal is the safety and wellbeing of our community and our visitors, but a major part of the planning is also to roll out the red carpet to show off our beautiful city and welcome our visitors from across the country and across the world. 

For tips, lodging information and more, please visit the St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau's website at or by clicking the link here.

Camping Under the Sun

To help people locate affordable sleeping accommodations, the city of St. Joseph is taking online reservations for the Rosecrans Airport campsite and the Heritage Park campsites.

Both camps will be primitive sites with access to the Heritage Park shower (showers are not included in campsite price) and charging station. Campsites will also have on-site portable restrooms.

It is important to note that Heritage Park is located between railroad tracks, scenic Riverwalk and the Missouri River. Trains will frequently pass the area, so be sure you are aware of this potential inconvenience before booking your reservation for this facility. Campsites are limited to 4 persons per site. Each site is $40 per night and includes 25x25' camping area. Campers may park their vehicle within their campsite area.

Reservations for the campsites at Heritage Park can be made online at or by clicking the link here.

Reservations for the campsites at Rosecrans Airport can be made online at or by clicking the link here.

Things to keep in mind on August 21...

  • Remember protective eyewear. Everyone must wear solar glasses to view the eclipse. During the few minutes of totality, it is safe to remove your solar glasses. In fact, you will want to remove them during totality – or you will miss it!
  • If you are a business and plan to let your employees step outside and watch the eclipse, remember to make sure all customers are out of the building, secure any assets you may have, and lock your doors.
  • Residents who plan to stay home and watch the eclipse in their yard should lock their doors while outside. Remember, it will get dark for that brief period of time.
  • Traffic may get congested, especially on the main roads. Consider taking the “back roads” to get to your destination; our visitors will be using the main roads. Plan to leave early to make sure you get to your destination on time.
  • The weather, likely, will be hot and dry, and you will be out in the sun. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, use sunscreen, and find some shade if you are outdoors for the duration of the entire eclipse.
  • Cellular service may or may not be problematic. Text-to-911 service is an option to report an emergency. Voice calls are always a better method in an emergency situation, but a text message is an alternate way to report an emergency.
  • St. Joseph schools will not be in session on August 21. Make sure your kiddos are aware of what is happening and have the proper glasses to wear if they are out watching the eclipse.