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Where is the road located in the right-of-way?
Right-of-ways for roads are in general wider than the actual road. The street is usually located near the middle of the ROW shown, however for an exact location of the ROW you will need to hire a surveying company.

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1. Where is the sewer line for my property?
2. Where is the right-of-way at my address/for my street/alley?
3. Where is the road located in the right-of-way?
4. I'm on septic, how can I get connected to the City sewer?
5. My road is mess, how come it is not being resurfaced and you've resurfaced this other road twice?
6. I seem to have a hole/depression in my yard, can you tell me what it is from?
7. I am having a drainage/mud problem from my neighbor's/commercial business?
8. The street is draining rain water onto my property, what can I do about that?