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The material in this question and answer series is for your information only. It is not legal advice and is not designed to be used in place of legal advice. You should consult your own attorney for legal advice. The St. Joseph Legal Department provides this series to provide a general summary of procedures concerning violations of city ordinances in the City of St. Joseph, Missouri. It is issued to inform generally, not to advise of specific rights. As with any general information, the answers given here may not specifically apply to you.
What is an arraignment?
An arraignment is a court hearing that is set to make certain you know the charges against you, and to find out how you plead. The arraignment allows you to enter a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty". It is not a trial. The arraignment is usually the first contact you have with the court about a particular ticket.

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1. Where is the Court located?
2. What are court hours?
3. Can I talk to the Judge over the phone?
4. What is an arraignment?
5. What happens if I plead "not guilty" at arraignment?
6. How do I subpoena witnesses to appear in Municipal Court on my behalf and is there any charge for getting the subpoenas issued?