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How can sewer bills be paid?
Payments may be made by the following:
1) Mail payments to the City P.O. Box using the envelope and payment coupon provided in each invoice;
2) Call the automated processing telephone line (IVR) at (816) 558-6894.
3) Pay online via the City’s website www.stjoemo.info. Click on the Online Payments button;
4) Auto debit – provide the City with a copy of your banking information. The amount due will be debited to the account on the due date;
5) Recurring online payment – sign up online to have the amount due automatically debited to your bank account or credit card on the due date monthly.
6) Use one of the payment centers currently located at the following locations:
• Hy-Vee #1552 201 N. Belt Highway
• Green Hills South 7014 King Hill Avenue
• Ray’s Green Hills 3225 N. Belt Highway
• Roger’s Green Hills 1004 5th Avenue
• Green Hills 205 W. Main (Savannah, MO)
(A site processing fee of $1.50 is added to each payment by the vendor.)
7) Pay in person at City Hall, 1100 Frederick Ave, Room 101A or use the payment drop box on the Frederick side of building.

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