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How are the monthly sewer bills determined?
Residential charges are calculated on an average use (units) obtained for the periods ending January, February and March annually. This “winter average” amount takes effect with the April billing cycle. If a customer is not at a residence during the period this average is determined, they will be billed a default of five (5) units until a history of 60-90 days is obtained. Adjustments may be made retroactively if the historic usage is shown to be less than the winter average.

Commercial and industrial charges are based upon actual usage monthly.

Sewer surcharge customers are billed monthly separately based on actual usage, along with surcharges for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Suspended Solids (SS) and Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG). Wholesale customers are billed at the wholesale rates.

Missouri American Water provides weekly file downloads into the City billing software. The goal of the City’s Utility Billing Division is to get bills out within five (5) business days of each download.

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2. How are the monthly sewer bills determined?
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