Water Quality Integrated Plan

The city of St. Joseph is currently undergoing a comprehensive Integrated Planning process to redefine the future of the city’s wastewater and stormwater management programs. Integrated Planning is a new process authorized by the Clean Water Act. It allows municipalities to develop long-term infrastructure investment strategies which prioritize wastewater and stormwater work that protects human health and the environment, aligns with community priorities, meets regulatory obligations, and is affordable to the community. We are pursuing this Integrated Plan to reduce compliance costs to the city and our customers, make more meaningful environmental improvements, and continue meeting our customer’s needs. The city is targeting December 2024 for completion of this plan.
The city is following a six-step framework outlined by the EPA to develop the Integrated Plan. This framework provides significant opportunities for public input and involvement throughout the process. Please check back here for updates on the project and for opportunities to get involved.

EPA’s Six Integrated Planning Elements

Integrated Plan for Wastewater and Stormwater Vision and Framework (PDF)