FAQ on Recruiting

Do I have to have a MO commission (already attended an academy) to get hired by St. Joe?

Although not mandatory, we do prefer to hire people that have already been commissioned by the State of Missouri. It is simply too costly for us to be able to send all newly hired employees to a Police Academy. That being said, it is not impossible to be hired by us if you don't have it; we must consider all of your qualifications. 

What if I'm already an officer with another Missouri city? Do I still need to attend another academy?

No. As long as you have a current Class A or Class B commission, you could potentially be hired by the St. Joseph Police Department.

Do I have to live in St. Joseph to be a police officer there?

No. You do not have to live within the city limits, or Missouri for that matter, to work for St. Joe.

When I test, will I take both the written and physical exam the same day?

Yes. The written test is given in the morning and if you pass, you will be invited to take the physical agility test, given that afternoon.

What shifts do patrol officers work?

Currently, officers work five 12-hour shifts.

How soon can I put in for a specialty assignment, like K9 or Special Response Team?

We require that you put in three years on the streets before you apply for a specialty unit. We want you to learn how to be a "cop" first-learning about the city, its citizens and our local laws and State statutes.

How long will I be on the hiring list?

We currently hold the testing process once a year, so the final hiring list is good for one year, until we test again. If you weren't chosen off the hiring list, you will have to test again each year.

How many people are hired off of each hiring list?

That truly depends on the amount of retirements or openings we have, which cannot be pre-determined.